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Actual Signs on STV's The Hour Show

08 Jul 2010

Our National Trainer appeared on The Hour Show today to talk about delivering Deaf Awareness training to the town of Linlithgow and to teach the presenters of the show some British Sign Language (BSL). Erelend appeared with Donaldson's Principal, Janice MacNeill to explain all about a project designed to make Linlithgow the most deaf aware town in the UK. Donaldson's is Scotland’s national residential and day school for pupils who are deaf or have severe speech and language difficulties and has a stunning campus in Linlithgow that offers state of the art building design and views across the Forth Valley.

To help local shops, businesses and attractions to comfortably communicate with pupils, staff and visitors to the school, Donaldson's asked Actual Signs to deliver fun and practical training sessions to the Linlithgow community in a way that only our Erelend can! The group had a lot of laughs and were all bursting with enthusiasm to start learning BSL by the time Erelend had finished with them.

When organisations have attended Actual Signs' Deaf Awareness training they will display a supportive  'I've Signed up to Donaldson's' sticker in their window.

To watch Erelend and Janice in action on part 2 of the programme, visit before August 6th.