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BSL Introduction

Welcome to our Online BSL Introduction 

BSL Introduction
The Actual Signs team are pleased to welcome you to our BSL Introduction E-learning video and support package. This e-learning service has been the result of over 12 months’ research and development time and we have worked with BSL professionals at universities around the UK.
You will have access to a total of 16 video clips on the following topics:
• Introduction
• Where?
• Numbers 1-10
• Numbers 1-20
• Numbers 1->
• Numbers 1st 2nd 3rd Start Middle End
• Money
• Time
• Date
• Age
• Family Circle
• Transport
• Work General
• Hobbies General
• Snacks
• Layout
This represents around 120 minutes of video content and Actual Signs'  BSL Trainer, Mark MacQueen enthusiastically and accurately teaches you the basics in BSL. Please see below for more about Mark:
√  Native BSL user
√  3rd Generation in Deaf family
√  Graduate Diploma in ‘Teaching British Sign Language Tutors’
√ In-depth study of BSL linguistics 
√  Professionally trained and qualified to teach up to Signature Level 6 BSL
√  Scottish Storytelling Centre’s BSL Storyteller
√  Expert in developing specialist workshops
√  Wealth of classroom experience     
Our online training costs only £15.00 per person so sign up to receive your access details today and get started.

Good luck!

The Actual Signs Team