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Environment and Sustainability Policy

Re-cycling and re-using

Actual Signs is aware of the effect that companies can have on the environment and takes every possible preventative measure to ensure that our affects are minimal. We actively re-cycle all non-confidential paperwork and also re-use paper that is no longer needed. Any confidential paperwork is shredded and re-cycled if appropriate. We also buy recycled goods wherever possible. We have the following statement in the signature of all our emails: 'Please consider the environment before printing this email'

Fuel usage

As a company, Actual Signs believe in sustainability. We promote the use of environmentally friendly transport for staff and clients. We will also make additional efforts for those using public transport or bicycles.


Actual Signs is developing the use of its technological processes and resources in order to minimise the effect on the environment.

A large amount of our advertising and communication with students and potential clients is done via our website, and we communicate as much as possible via email rather than letter. This enables us to deal with the administration of the business without needing to use any materials that would impact on the environment. We wholly support and comply with or exceed the requirements of current environmental legislation and codes of practice. We will monitor and strive to improve our environmental performance year on year.